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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jordancornally 9 / 10

Although some of the acting in this movie isn't great its not the worst either. Don't have a clue why the ratings are so low. Maybe because of Nic Haters but none the less there isn't much we can do about it. Except for watching the movie and enjoying it yourself. Watch it its not as bad as the ratings say it is :)

Reviewed by Les Hill 7 / 10

If you are a knowledgeable person you would know what a 211 is anyway, it is the Police code for "robbery". Yet, it is also the name of the production company, "211 Productions", maybe a coincidence yet I would hardly have thought so.

The movie is quite fast moving from start to finish, it's action-packed. Not very long for a Nicolas Cage movie, but nevertheless it is worth watching. It's one of those movies that if you start watching it, you will want to watch the rest.

At first I read the review someone else had left, which made sound bad, to be honest it is not a bad movie, even though it went straight to VOD.
Nicolas Cage does have some great movies behind him, there are a couple that I would say are worse, but this is definitely not one of them. If you are a fan of his movies, then you will enjoy this movie just like the rest.

Nicolas did look at this movie script in 2014, but if you look back on his movie career, you will soon see he cannot do every movie that he's offered.
I personally, like his movies and this one is no exception, not his best but good either way.

Reviewed by arnuld-mizong 7 / 10

SPOILER: Like I always say, I do not write many reviews. First, I only write if the movie is extremely good and 2nd, if people are unnecessarily bashing a good movie or it has low rating. I decided to write this review because of 2nd reason.

It is not a really one of those great flicks with great acting and direction or with those grand budgets, like those of Tom Cruise. It is neither a low-budget film. It's kinda in the middle. It has original story, decent acting, it is well-paced, has balance of emotions and action. It is more like a feel good movie with drama, emotions, action and story all involved. Nicolas Cage had been doing worse movies, this is one of the good ones. I will recommend watching it. Rating given on IMDB is really low, 4.3 ? Come on, should have been 6.3 or something. Sometimes I feel like majority of us have lost that sense and touch of a good movie. I give it 7 out of 10.

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