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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott-344 10 / 10

Thoughtful, tense thriller - ignore the haters with irrelevant agendas

Where this film was shot is irrelevant. "Casablanca" was short on the Warner Bros. lot, so what -- it's garbage?

"Beirut" is a complex, multi-layered thriller, reminiscent of conspiracy thrillers of the '70s. But unlike those earlier thrillers, which though much beloved by me are somewhat dated by their breathless realization that governments lie and conspire and murder, "Beirut" tells its story with a modern sensibility. Yes, CIA was complicit in so much, but individual human beings, even those in CIA, lived and loved and aspired to connect to the people around them -- in this case, the people of Lebanon. Is everyone in the cast Lebanese? I don't know. But I suspect a search through the IMDB cast list will reveal much more authenticity in the casting than the naysayers here complain about. And remember, Beirut was considered the Paris of the Middle East, a cosmopolitan crossroads of cultures. Within the confines of a taut story about the kidnapping of a CIA officer and an outsider's attempt to rescue him while still maintaining some sense of dignity for himself and for the locals he's known for years, the film expertly capture the sadness of a semi-paradise turned hell.

Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike and the rest of the cast are excellent. This is a story about American actions in a foreign land. There's enough blame to go around -- CIA, Mossad, the White House -- all have their competing agendas. That this American film focuses on American CIA and State Dept. characters, and a couple of key Lebanese characters, is hardly a weak point.

Reviewed by dvelagal 9 / 10

Awesome thriller

I happened to watch the trailer of this movie when i went to another movie, and found it impressive. So, i went to watch the movie, and i was blown away. I never knew much about John Hamm and after watching this movie, all i can say is he is an incredible actor. I have no idea of the historical accuracy of the events, but the direction is absolutely fantastic ! Great story telling by the director : Mark Anderson. I don't remember watching such an edge-of-the-seat thriller in recent times.

Reviewed by irons-dmw1966 8 / 10

A quality tense and gripping thriller.

Ignore the irrelevant comments and reviews, this is a terrifically told story and is entertaining.
I heard that 'The Quiet Place' was filmed in a very noisy location so perhaps that deserves low reviews too....
Just go and enjoy Beirut, it's a great movie.

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