Bleeding Steel


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Callan Mulvey as Andre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dosehiwiza 3 / 10

A BAD movie, which happen to have Jackie Chan in it

I think the best part was the End Credits... I am going to sum this movie in couple of words.. 1- Too much bad Green Screen 2- Way too obvious Product Placement 3- Shaky Cam and Youtube style Cuts. 4- I would never have watched if the there was no Jackie Chan in it.

Reviewed by phanthinga 8 / 10

Jackie Chan can't even take a break huh ?

Keep slamming Bleeding Steel with low score and bad reviews for all I care cause I believe even in the worst movie ever made if it starring Jackie Chan somehow he will make the best out of it and Bleeding Steel is an example .Yeah the movie plot make no sense at all and I couldn't care less about any of the characters but the fact that Jackie Chan still doing his own stunt in his 60s alone is wonderful enough for me not regret buying the ticket

Reviewed by chikin-53611 4 / 10

A brave attempt for Jackie Chan in sci-fi film , but the film's bad script has make the outcome embarassing

'Bleeding Steel' is a sci-fi action film starring Jackie Chan, co produced by both Chinese and Australian film company.Jackie Chan also serves the producer of the film.

It has action, stunts, car chasing, fight scene,extoic location, pretty actress,handsome actor, interesting story. But the outcome of the film is not as good as it should be due to: (1) Poor editing at several imporant scene , (2)Several unfunny jokes, (3) Too much flashback , (4) Poor script that turns a 'could be' interesting story into a mess , (5) Poor CGI, (6) Poor acting, (7)Poor dialogue....

At the age of 64, Jackie had already done his best to do the action . But the poor edit had ruined the film. Maybe it is necessary because Jackie is obviously slowing down.The edit will help to hide his weakness . Also the film focus too much on how the little girl discover her relationship with the character played by Jackie in the film, unfortunately the process is so boring and uninteresting.

Besides, the action scene appear so sudden on the screen. Jackie is just like Batman on the Dark Knight Triology. On some occasion he appeared in the film just because of doing action,and it is not very related to the story, which is similar to the situation of Jackie in 'The Foreigner'. But The Foreigner has better screen play,better actor, better fight with good action design,better humor and a more intense story.

'Bleeding Steel' is just look like a film with different clips being put together in a wrong sequence and become a MTV,with no soul.The director just don't know how to direct and edit. He ruined the film. Even the fight at the Sydney Opera House become uninteresting because of the poor script and edit.True Chan fans will discover many elements in this film have alreay appeared in his past film,in particular 'New Police Story'. But NPS had several nicely shoot action scene that save the film. This film just don't have .

Also , I think fans are getting bored to see Jackie crying in every film. He acts good. But I think it is enough for uncessary crying scene. His recent film is always about revenge,some body die and he has to look for the murderer. The audience just get bored. If Jackie still want to be in the film industry and make good film, he should seriously choose script, director and his co-star.

This film is even worse than 'The Medallion' and ' Around the World in 80 days' . Because these film are pure Engilsh film and have better CGI.

Overall, this film is a drag in Jackie's film career.The director tried to copy the style of 'First Strike',"Who am I ' and 'Nice Guy' to be a Chinese made international action film. But at that time Jackie is still young and can do some dangerous stunts and fancy fights. But now he cannot. Also those film are not about Sci-Fi,filmmakers are able to handle more easily. Therefore this film just look weired.

(4.5 out of 10)

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