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Rachel McAdams as Esti Kuperman
Rachel Weisz as Ronit Krushka
Alessandro Nivola as Dovid Kuperman
Allan Corduner as Moshe Hartog
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abiliosanz 7 / 10

Good like a cabernet sauvignon

This movie it's a really good option to watch! There's no regrets. Go on without a doubt!

Reviewed by newpace 10 / 10

"Disobedience" I Have Been On This Planet for 51 years & This Is The Best of ALL!

I am a 51 year old woman SO in awe of of this film! I could easily go to the mat with anyone who has a criticism of it. For what little nit pickings I've heard there are many other distinctive Highlights to bury them. ie; too slow? Well trust me. Find your patience and you will be greatly rewarded soon enough. I've bought it and watched it many times. I replay the whole movie in my mind while at work. I could write pages and pages of what I was moved and impressed by. But as I re watched it again tonight I found a part near the middle to the end that for some reason I had missed before. When I caught it my jaw dropped and my heart was Torn to Shreds and I cried Hard ! (And I'm not a "crier.") After all the turbulence surrounding the pair, Ronit and Estee still sat side by side in a public forum. Why didn't you come to New York to see me? Ronit says to Estee. And then: Why didn't you leave and come Be with me? Estee doesn't say a word but instantly places her hand on Ronit's hands as if to say, I love you but. And all of the incredible senses of yearning in their eyes and body language between these two is as intense in this scene as all of the rest. So I am angrily jolted back into realizing that this is not real anymore, I'm watching a movie from the outside. I pause the movie and can't help but yell out "Yeah! Why didn't you go!?" And I sat back and said WOW. Estee didn't go because that was how "the character was friggin' made to be!" It just HAD to be that way because of the script and the strict story line. But I did not buy that particular message they thought they could send. I had fallen for the the beautiful actresses and their Undeniably Believable performances instantly and it never wavered. I just saw them as One. Really when you cleared away all the distracting smoke and mirrors suffocating them of that time... There were No Buts! Married, not married, religion, children, community values and upbringing, where to live, boldness, submissiveness, judgmentalness, rudeness etc...From what I viewed, I couldn't see ANYTHING that would keep these two apart. I was just ASTOUNDED as how beyond well the acting was between the 2 Rachels. I had not known them before and I applaud them Grandly! I so wanted them to go off and be together. But the script ruined that. The way the movie was made, right away I felt like I was right there in that town experiencing each complexity. But by the end, the separation killed me. These actresses were just far too convincing for this script. I can only pray that the movie makers will make it up to me and have a Disobedience 2, Unless they plan another unhappy ending, then go ahead and keep the same two characters. But most definitely do Not include Weisz or Mc Adams. Their talent simply rose above the "job description of these last characters." And I couldn't buy the fact that nothing mattered more in Life than each other. They are still As One in my mind. Still my Favorite movie though. I loved the intensity, the passion, I cried hard, AND I smiled BIG and for REAL.

Reviewed by michaeljtrubic 9 / 10

very complex and very well done

This project attracted the efforts of an abundance of talents because these are very good roles. Men and women alike. Roles that actors really want.

The complexity of the two leading lady roles must have drawn an abundance of female actresses and the two Rachels are close to perfect.

The Q&A was particularly revealing.

The young and very witty director shone at the Q&A.

This was his first English language film from this Spanish speaking Chilean director and for him to put together a smooth running evenly paced film with such complexity is very illustrative of his talent and abilities.

As to which female role is the supporting role I am not sure. They are both very good roles.

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