Get Out


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage
Keegan-Michael Key as NCAA Prospect
Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage
Stephen Root as Jim Hudson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by UlyssesLaffalot 4 / 10

Racism is Scary, Get Out is Not

I finished watching Get Out over 2 hours ago, but something has been bothering me since the credits rolled. A sort of unpleasant, irritated feeling that I couldn't really put my finger on until now. My biggest complaint about this horror film is that it's not actually as scary as the real life social problems it constantly hammers the viewer over the head with. It's campy jump scares and unbelievable premise, drown out the anti-racist message it could have had. In that way, it fails both as a horror movie and constructive social commentary.

Most quality horror movies take real life events and intensify them to create something terrifying but relatable. The Shining was much scarier than my trip to Colorado. The Blair Witch Project was more intense than my last hike. Psycho was slightly more unnerving than my last stay at a motel.

Modern racism and the history of slavery are among the most disturbing and evil aspects of the human experience and something countless people suffer from daily. It is real and it is scary. So why add B-movie brain swaps and fortune-teller hypnosis? Why base the story on a cheesy fictional premise instead of something that actually happens? Why make all but two of the characters completely one dimensional? (Keep in mind, that Chris and his friend are the only characters in the film with both a conscience and their original brain, all others are lacking one or the other). Why does a flashing light reverse brain transplants? Why would a racist white family, lure black men to them by using their own daughter as a sex object? The answer to all these questions is lazy writing.

If you want to create a jarring horror movie rife with social commentary about racism at least root it in reality. Sadly, past and present, there is no lack of inspiration. I get that this movie is a very heavy handed allusion to slavery, but of all the awful things white people have done to black people, goofy brain swapping business isn't one of them.

I don't get why this movie has such overwhelmingly positive reviews. The cinematography and acting were good, but the plot was trite, compared to all the different directions they could have taken it. The idea of a racially charged horror movie with a black protagonist and white ghouls sounds really interesting (why I wanted to see it), but Get Out just takes that idea and slaps it onto a 50's B-flick.

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 6 / 10

Guess who's getting to meet the family?

Jordan Peele writes and directs this horror flick featuring some humorous moments. Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) finally gets the chance to meet his girlfriend's family for the first time. Plenty of anxiety builds when Chris learns that young African-American men like himself have been vanishing from the mostly white community. A whole weekend at a secluded estate in the woods with the pretentious Armitage clan and their friends. Too politically correct and Chris notices that any other person of color he meets acts peculiar as if in a trance.

This movie starts out a little slow until it picks up more than enough speed to turn into a comedic drama with terrifying moments. Well acted and the whole premise could never be reversed without causing a stir. You will be shakin' or laughin'.

Very fine performances from Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener. Rounding out the cast: Marcus Henderson, Lakeith Stanfield, Caleb Landry Jones and Lil Rel Howery.

Reviewed by Joe 7 / 10

Finely tuned racial themed psychological thriller

This film manages to encapsulate quite a few themes. We have here a psychological thriller/horror which has themes on race and standing.

The film begins with our lead (a young black man) who is to visit the white family of his well to do girlfriend. As you are to find out, not all is at it seems.

I don't wish to say too much more on the story as it will easily give too much away. The film can be quite derivative, and as you watch it, there are various films you can clearly see which influenced it.

However, that doesn't take away from the gist of what is here. There are racial themes that will make you ponder on it all way after you've watched it, which is what this is all about. It make it interesting, but it doesn't shove any political agendas down your throat.

The acting is great, with some recognisable cult film actors present. Special mention must go to LilRel Howery who provides some comedy and tension relief in an otherwise very dark but often darkly humorous movie.

I enjoyed it despite the uncomfortable nature of it. Worth a try, and a good entry in the horror genre for this year.

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