Gnome Alone


Action / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Josh Peck as Liam
David Koechner as Zamfeer
Olivia Holt as Brittany
Jim Cummings as (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bofsensai 6 / 10

Damsel saves world: rarer cgi animation curio

Wanted to add another to the surprisingly few reviews here, as this would seem a sadly overlooked (little seen?) entry in the rapidily crowding CGI animation genre: that likely coming from the probably falling costs of producing such: but of which, can be easily seen in this Canadian sourced production very much in the shadow of contemporaries (Pixar and the likes etc.) e.g.particularly at the beginning with rather bland, clunky backgrounds and standard overlarge head with skinny limbs characters. Further, the story has holes and non-sequiturs in it that even its target young audience might be quizzing their elders on to explain 'how's that?', 'So, er, what happened there, then?'

Nevertheless,and despite the 'baddie Troggs' displaying almost copyright infringing character similarities to compatriot CGI animation Minions, plus Joe Dante's Gremlins, but especially the Stitch of Disney's much older 2D 'Lilo and Stitch' franchise, this eventually has some endearments. As those aforesaid 'Trogg's getting up to mischief (Check the toilet / roll scene) and the denouement boss (Daddy?) monster are some of the enjoyments to catch this one.

Which is despite that unfortunately, much (initially) seems to be delivered in a sort of half hearted way (perhaps funding / resources constraints?) e.g. as that final monster, having been set up nicely expectantly, seems to be despatched all too quickly and with a method that will have, I feel, even youngsters enquiring, 'So, where did that come from?', and in any case 'Why should that work, then?'! And for those youngsters (at heart, like me) might also come the perturbed enquiry to what is otherwise rather disturbing for a story of this age group target i.e. well, what happens to those Troggs, then? Is this film really advocating (death!) disintegratation of the cute critters? I would have preferreed some allusion to that they are sent back to their own world somehow, and in that youngsters might even find this depressing, since they are splattered (eliminated= killed!) into apparent oblivion! Yet beforehand, charactersied so cutely.

Then, to the (significant!) eponymous 'Gnomes' of the title, are rather underwritten, more or less presented with little individual character and certainly no (essential?) backstory as to how and even, well, why, they got there. (And the standard fart joke just seemed gratuitous, unnecessary - certainly, not funny ... come on, team ..)

But, what is enjoyably notable, are the human characterisations: from the popular girl's posse friends (eyes permanently down, fringed hair obscuring, glued to their mobile / cell phones), Mother, who in one scene is shown emoting in a way usually completely beyond the usual animated GGI fare, and what stood out for me to make this stand aside from all its more expensive flashy competitors, is the storyline arc of the heroine girl who saves the geek boy in distress - and in her doing, so, wins HER heart: nice modern role reversal for children to identify with that the girl can be the strong go-getter type - but also for the boys, that the boy can also still be the admired beta besotted helper - but still win the affections of the damsel. (Well, I identified with him!) One great scene has her authorititively, 'I know what I'm doing', literally 'listen to me' tweaking not one, but both of his ears to get him to follow her - female - plan. Encouragingly empowering! On that alone, youngsters (yes, even at heart!) - girls especially - should seek out this seemimngly obscure CGI animation curio.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 3 / 10

Disappointing Animation..

When Chloe discovers that her new home's garden gnomes are not what they seem, she must decide between the pursuit of a desired high school life and taking up the fight against the Troggs. Gnome Alone sparks some alright and ok animation but the film's plot was very one note and even boring to be honest, the characters and the main character in general the girl named Chloe seemed mostly like just being there and not that good written either. The overall Gnomes were kinda annoying and in general the film for an animated picture was just meh it had some good animated moments but even kids will find it boring and kinda stupid and for the most part a disappointment. (3/10)

Reviewed by SpecialWeirdo101 9 / 10

A really nice family movie.

The movie tend to issues about trying to get new friends in a new place, how to get "popular" and other stuff regarding kids. Kidding, the movie are a animated action/fantasy story for the not too young kids. The story are well written and have nice progress and contains all the elements that should keep you entertained as a viewer. Be aware, if your kids are too young to watch Simpsons or South Park alone, you should also watch this movie together with them, belive me, you will enjoy it too.

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