The Titan


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nate_snead 5 / 10

Another Barbecue?

The movie was okay but predictable. Does every single astronaut movie have to have a scene with astronauts and their families grilling burgers? We get it, patriotism. They could have used that time and money to develope a more original plot.

Reviewed by marvnation 3 / 10

Great movie a bit short though

Great movie, solid acting and really great visuals. I would have liked more dialogue and lasting longer than 2min.

Reviewed by Reza Shadpay 3 / 10

Good Start, Bad Ending

Movie starts by good story, and keeps you waiting for transportation of candidates to the Titan. But more movie goes on, the tempo of story becomes slower. Ending of the movie is not what you may expect.

After movie finished, you will understand all training (running and underwater keeping breath) were absolutely pointless! because you were waiting to see candidates are going to do something special with those trainings on Titan, but it never happens!

There are some bad goofs, such as at the end of the movie you see Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington) on the Titan, the moon of Saturn, but at the background you can see the Saturn with it's ring! It shows the Titan as a planet far from Saturn.

Another one: There are several hidden cameras all over candidates' houses, but there is not any security camera at the office of head of the operation! (where there is classified top-secrets documents!), as well as the door of his office hasn't any secure lock or even simply wasn't lock!

By the way, from my view it wasn't interesting movie, but could be.

I hope, one day, all countries agree for a law to protect viewers' money and time. Something like "refund law"! Because some authors and directors really insult our intelligence.

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